A Little Bit About Me

Fitness has become a way of life for me and I truly love it! It was only natural for me to pursue a career in personal training, so I founded Nu Body Fitness in 2005, and have never looked back. My ultimate goal is to provide my expertise to individuals looking to achieve optimal health and fitness, and I am thrilled every time my clients see improvements to their health and well-being.

My love of fitness is something I developed in early adulthood. Truth be told, I was not always 100% happy with my shape and as a result I lacked confidence. But in 1998 I decided to make some major changes to my eating habits and promised myself that I would start exercising regularly, and may I say, religiously (I love that amazing high I get when I complete an energizing workout session!). I am happy to tell you that since 1998, I have managed to completely transform my physique through countless workout sessions and healthy, clean eating. Training my body has enabled me to become more confident and to feel invigorated, healthy, and strong.

In addition to personal training, I would like to be recognized as a natural athlete with a zest for life and a passion for fitness. Living life to its fullest is very important to me and I always look forward to the next challenge! I would like to help as many people as I can throughout my journey.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you found what you needed! Remember to train hard and enjoy life!

Healthy Regards Now & Always,
Eszter Barcsanics

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer | Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist | Sports Nutrition Specialist