Hello and Welcome to my page!

Thank you for your visit. It makes me so happy to see you here and to be able to share with you my expertise and knowledge. I understand what you are going through at this time and I want to put your mind at ease. There is hope and there is a way!

Assisting postnatal women with their weight loss struggles has been a rewarding and incredible experience for me.

Through the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting ladies like yourself who are yearning to regain their confidence and get their body back after childbirth. Helping new mothers achieve their weight loss goals and completely reshaping their physique, I knew in my heart that I am the right person for the job!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing these individuals thrilled with their results!

It’s common knowledge that the effects of pregnancy takes a huge toll on a woman’s body and everything shifts all over the place.  Whether it’s your spare tire around your waist, your droopy butt or sagging arms, I will resculpt your body in record time!  All you have to do is believe there is hope. Allow me to reassure you, you have arrived at the right place!

Nu Body Fitness is a one stop shop solution for women looking to get back into a bikini once again after becoming a new mommy.  Among my specialties are Personal & Online Fitness Training, Advanced Sport Nutrition and I am also Certified Supplement Specialist.  By accommodating my clients with all their fitness & wellness needs, you will not need to look elsewhere for the answers to all your needs.

I am here for you!  

We will do this together!!!

My love of physical fitness is something I developed in early adulthood.  Truth be told, I was not always 100% happy with my body and/or  being referred to as the cute, chubby girl.  As a result, I was extremely shy and lacked confidence.   My weight struggles went on for years.

Then in 1998 I had my ‘AHA MOMENT’ and decided I have had enough of hiding in my shell and started making major changes in my life.   I started focusing on my eating habits, educated myself with various fitness related books, articles and videos.  I promised myself to start an exercise program and stay consistent with a routine.

This was a huge lifestyle change and the best thing that I ever did for myself!   It became second nature to me and excuses were non existent!!!   I love the amazing high I get after completing an energizing workout session.  I am so very proud to tell you that since my decision in 1998 I have managed to completely transform my physique!  Training my body has enabled me to become a self assured, healthy, strong woman who feels invigorated every single day!  

This is exactly what I want for you!!!

I will teach you the effective, fun, innovative techniques I use to reshape your body  and convey to the world that you are once again a self confident, happy woman that you were  prior!!

Fitness has become a way of life for me and I could not imagine my life any other way.

It was only natural for me to pursue a serious career in personal training.  Therefore, I got certified by the ISSA and founded Nu Body Fitness and never looked back!  In addition to personal training,  I would like to be recognized as a natural athlete  with a great sense of humour, true zest for life and incredible passion for fitness and helping others.  

Living life to its fullest is very important to me and I want the same joyous, fulfilling life for you!   I don’t want you to be unhappy and to give up on yourself.   There is so much joy in the world to go around!!!

Providing my expertise to individuals looking to achieve optimal health and fitness is my passion! I am thrilled every time my clients see improvements to their health and well-being. The end result is always jaw-dropping and I love to see their smiling faces once they reached their goals!  My goal is to offer my know-how to as many of you as I can throughout my journey.  

This is my reason for being here. 
Once again, I am grateful for your visit!   I hope you found what you are looking for.  

Remember I am here to assist you & YES, THERE IS A WAY!


Your Devoted Coach,

Eszter Barcsanics

Founder of Nu Body Fitness

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Certified Supplement Specialist/Personal Nutritional Specialist


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