Eszter is AMAZING! Its rare to find a trainer who actually cares…she develops routines which are quick and never boring. She always varies the exercises so that you are always challenged and intrigued with what’s next!

She can help sculpt your body in a very short time period but you have to listen to EVERYTHING she says because its a lifestyle change not just sessions. Eszter helped me get to my goal quickly because I listened to all her advice. I have 2 young kids,work more than full time hours traveling, constantly renovating and running to activities but realize that I need to be at my optimal to have the energy to keep up. Eszter was so convenient to travel to my office and work in a small space just to make sure that I could fit these sessions immediately afterwork! It was the best thing I could do for myself! If I can do it anyone can! I never liked exercising. Eszter’s routines changed that thought because they were not as bad as I thought they would…Eszter makes them fun and organizes each session to be different. I love her approach to fitness! Shes so knowledgeable you dont want the session to end!

I recommend NUBODY FITNESS to anyone who is serious about making a difference in their weight! You will not be disappointed!I am proof!


I contacted Eszter less than three months before my upcoming wedding and asked her for a miracle.

I needed her to to motivate me into shape so that I could look on the outside the way my soon-to-be-husband made me feel on the inside on my special day. I had many concerns that Eszter addressed the entire time we trained together, and I must say she delivered on EVERY SINGLE PROMISE. Lose inches-check. (I had to get my wedding dress taken in three times…but it was totally worth it!) Gain muscle without losing curves-check. (I love my body type but was not happy with the percentage of body fat I carried; Eszter helped me to reduce that percentage by 10% and still keep my pinup figure!) Tone up arms/back/shoulders-check. This was always my problem area (thanks grandma) and the ONLY thing that showed in my wedding dress, and for the first time ever I see muscle and definition!

My endurance and flexibility has improved tremendously as well. I must say, I looked AMAZING after all of our hard work; I have never felt so beautiful, had so much energy, and been the dress size I am now! I admire Eszter’s no-nonsense approach; it takes hard work to get great results, and she will help you every step of the way. I was never bored as each workout was a little different, and each time I felt challenged to the max of my ability; which is exactly what I needed to achieve these results so quickly.

My wedding day (and honeymoon!) were perfect, thanks to you! Jamil and I say thank you for teaching me how to eat and work out properly, and for giving me my confidence back!


It was so much fun working with Eszter in preparation for my wedding. No two workouts were the same, and Eszter always came with a great sense of humour and a positive attitude, which helped me through the intense workouts. She is lovely, but she will make you work!!! I was excited about the results-lost inches and pounds, increased muscle tone and more energy. I will definitely be calling on Eszter again soon, as now I’m addicted to our workouts!

Jessie R.

Eszter is an AMAZING personal trainer who makes me look forward to working out. Upon meeting Eszter, she will assess your needs and tailor a workout especially for you! She changes each workout to keep it upbeat and fun! After having a baby and gaining 37 pounds, I have now lost 32 and I can actually see muscles I have never seen before! I would highly recommend Eszter to anyone who is looking to work with a personal trainer.

Dr. Patricia D.

I purchased sessions with Eszter to get back in shape after gaining 44 lbs. during pregnancy. Five months later not only did I lose all the weight, I now have great physical endurance and killer biceps! Eszter introduced me to very cool and challenging routines, working out all the major muscle groups in a fun, relaxed way. It was super fun (despite being quite tired by the end of our sessions) and totally worth it. Besides the routines, Eszter was always discussing with me about the importance of healthy eating habits and smart food choices. She was reliable, promptly available for my questions via email/text and always in a great mood. Eszter gave me my pre-baby body back! I highly recommend her!

Janice L

I contacted Eszter to help me get into better shape for my wedding. I had previously been very athletic, working out 4x at the gym and lifting for years, but after a more demanding job and move to Toronto, my workouts fell off a cliff. I felt awful about how I looked, and I absolutely dreaded walking down an aisle to so many people looking at me.
Eszter’s workouts were fun, engaging, challenging, and very effective! She was always upbeat and cheerful, no matter how much I would complain about myself, and in a short period of time I started seeing results and hearing compliments from friends. She also was able to focus on toning up my upper body while helping me to slim down all over. As a busy professional, an hour with Eszter is the best use of a precious hour, providing results far better than me at the gym by myself, running on the treadmill, climbing away on the stairmaster, or lifting with all the machines. I look forward to each session and feeling absolutely exhausted and worked after the hour. I just hope I can keep it up and keep on losing inches!


Let me just get straight to the point. If u wanna totally revamp your body and get your desired body you need to get my kick-ass trainer. You will work your ass off and sweat more than is humanly possible BUT Eszter will get you your results once u put in the work. I won’t sugar coat… She is a no nonsense kind of chick but that’s the kind of trainer you need helping you to push beyond your limits and get you to your desired goals. Eszter will get you where u need and want to be. Cheers to my bad-ass trainer!

Wendy Boyd

Eszter has been training my husband and me for over 20 months and we have enjoyed her workouts immensely. She customizes the sessions for each of us and uses a combination of weights and cardio to ensure we are getting a complete workout on all parts of the body. The sessions are lively, energetic and never boring. We also appreciate the dedication to stretching before, during and after the workout. There’s always a laugh or two during the sessions and we enjoy Eszter’s personality. Last but not least, we appreciate the results we are achieving.



Anna C.

I hired Eszter to train me and help me tone up and slim down for my wedding. In just a few short months, I was down a few sizes, my posture improved, and I was sculpting my body. When I tried on my wedding dress (which I ordered a few sizes down), I could not believe that my dress was still big on me. More importantly, Eszter taught me that fitness is a lifestyle and no matter how busy we get, there are always new and fun ways to incorporate workouts into your routine. I have trained with Eszter both privately as well as attended her boot camps, which were so fun and I got to meet a lot of great people!

Eszter is fun, approachable, professional, and very knowledgeable in the field. I would highly recommend training with her and you won’t regret the results!